Last Minute To Do List

The Shattering is upon us!

I’m impressed with the changes to Org.  I’m going to miss Dalaran, and I’ve been a little disappointed to get stuck in that same old city my bank alt has lived in for years.  But it’s really not the same old city.  I like moving the zeppelins and flight points to Upper Org.  I love how there are several little enclaves you can choose from to make your home base.  The colors are wonderful, as is the contrast between the lush ponds and plants to the preparations for war.

I enjoyed the Plants vs. Zombies mini game as well, and went ahead and got it done on two 80s so far.  My only disappointment is that they appear to have removed the endless mode and the related achievement.  Pout.

That’s all I’ve done so far.  I have to admit that I’ve been a bit distracted with The Move.  All has gone well, and I am in the new place, and I have The Internets back, which is a huge relief.  I did manage to catch a bit of a cold though, so I’m trying to take it easy and drink orange juice and stuff and not kill myself unpacking.  There are a couple more guest posts in the works for your enjoyment while I am occupied with Kleenex and endless boxes.

There are still a few little things I’d like to do before December 7th though…

  • Get lit on fire by Deathwing. A girl can hope.
  • Finish leveling fishing on my Priest. The new food and fish are going to be very expensive to purchase, and I would like to have my buff food ready for raiding with as little fuss as possible.  As boring as fishing is now, it’s going to be worse when there are levels to gain and new and wondrous things to see.  I’m somewhere in the two hundreds now, so this shouldn’t be too hard.
  • Keep up with the new cooking dailies. Why not take a few minutes a day and get a head start on this?
  • Complete Pilgrim’s Bounty on my Shaman. I guess I’m weird with holiday achievements.  I can only bear to do one character per holiday per year (if that), but I get inspired to pick a different character for each one.  (Except for Children’s Week.  OMG cute pets.)  There’s no real reasoning much of the time…it just happens.  This year I wanted to take the opportunity of boosting my new to 80 Shaman’s cooking skill up, and it just feels right to complete the achievements.  I have most of it completed…I just need to run around and turn in a couple days worth of dailies for the rouge shooter dealies, and do the PvP achievements.  (I’m really not looking forward to that part; I hope I can drag a few friends along with me for it.)
  • Farm more Justice Badges for my Shaman. My Priest of course is maxed out already, but my little Shaman was busy buying his T10 gear.  That’s done now, but I’m only at about 900 badges left.  I’d like to get at least another 2K for him.  We’ll see if I can get motivated enough to get that done.
  • Pick out a leveling build for my Priest…and write a post about it. Yes, you can expect at least one post of substance before December 7th.
  • Pick an alt to level. It is time to decide on a companion for my leveling buddy’s Goblin Rogue.  I’m vaguely considering a Hunter or a Warlock…but I just don’t know.  I like the idea of having a pet class that can competently “tank” for soloing and paired questing.  I feel weird playing a class without a healing spec, but I don’t really want to level a duplicate.  I have heirlooms for tanking or for any caster, but I’d need to get the shoulders and chest for the Hunter.  (I do already have the bow.)  I’m strongly tempted with reports of how fun and new questing is to give Loremaster a shot as I go instead of doing nothing but five mans until Northrend.  I’ve played both classes until 20, though of course that was before all the changes.  I may need to give one or both a try again to see which appeals more.  Anyone have an opinion?
  • Review my financial plan. I didn’t make as much money as I could have on my old server with glyphs.  But I have more than I can really imagine ever spending and feel like I’ll “never have to craft again”.  And plenty of inventory left.  But I want to start out Cataclysm on my new server with my main in a good position.  I don’t have very much capital at all, and honestly don’t have much of a plan.  One thing I do know is that I want to start by focusing on my professions and be diligent with my Jewelcrafting dailies.  I know I under-utilized that as a source of income.  I suppose I should list and plan out ideas for each profession.  And plan out any non-profession related plans I have as well.  I should probably set out at least an hour each week for auctioning and crafting and reviewing how things are going.  Maybe a weekly blog post would motivate me?
  • Create a guild for my bank alt. Yeah, it’s time.  I need to get myself organized, and I need a little more space.  But mostly it’s a good way to keep track of how much I’m investing and spending (since I can “deposit” my savings.)

P.S.  Tam lead me to this amusing commercial for the new Smite spec.


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on November 26, 2010.

One Response to “Last Minute To Do List”

  1. I definitely agree. The colors are brilliant!! Those are some great tips/To-Do list before Cata. As for an alt to level – my vote would go with a Warlock. But I’m a bit biased. I’ve never really like playing a hunter. I feel like my level 33 lock is FAR more interesting to play than my level 80 hunter ha ha :]

    And that smite vid is so awesome — it’s going to be SOO interesting to see how that all unfolds in Cata and how Priests in general turn out!

    Best of luck with your sniffles and boxes!

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