Me + PvP

…a topic courtesy of Alas.  Kiss My Alas celebrated her first blogoversery this week, and she’s celebrating by nagging all her friends…errr…suggesting blog posts.  If you don’t read Alas, she’s a mage and a GM of a ten man guild that seems to have a lot of fun while killing internet dragons.  There’s quite a bit of silly going on over there, and we all need some comic relief sometimes.  Also, she has the bestest rewrite of Pride and Prejudice ever.  So check her out.  Meanwhile, here’s what she talked me into writing about:

“You said recently you were doing some of the holiday achievements and that usually means some PvP. PvP isn’t something I have seen you talk about much so I am curious how you feel disc priests hold up in battlegrounds. I personally find them impossible to kill. How does it look from the other side? With your cheaty, cheaty bubbles?”

First, it isn’t an accident that I don’t talk about PvP.  I don’t do very much of it.  What I do partake of, I’m bad at.  I wouldn’t begin to offer anyone else any insight or advice on the topic.  So I don’t write about it.  Long ago in a galaxy far away, I played a mage as my main.  As much as everyone talks about how mages are all nice and stuff for PvP, I always hated it.  It wasn’t until I had my priesty at 80 and got drug around by my guild that I realized “Hey, maybe I don’t hate this quite as much as I thought.”

Healing in battlegrounds is totally different than dps or PvE healing.  I enjoy how challenging it is, but without all the high stakes of hardcore raiding.  (Feel free to disagree with me on that.)  People in PvP seem to expect to die…so I didn’t “fail” when they did.  It’s nothing like wiping on a boss.  Yet there are complex, always changing, spiky damage healing situations that are really fun to attempt to salvage.  Discipline Priests are perfect for it really.  Disc has always been wickedly overpowered for prevention and spot healing changing targets.  We’re a great mobile healer.  We have cooldowns.  We have a fear.  I’m not convinced at all I’m good at it, but I rely a lot on bubbles and penance, then anything else that makes sense to keep people up.  Healing priority is Me, then people I like who are hitting things, than anyone in range.  Oh, and drink some Pigmy stuff, hide if you can, and get the fuck away from anyone mean.

My priest got the horseman mount this year.  First day of the event, first character I logged on to, first try.  (My guild-mates summarily demoted me and refused to talk to me for…well…all of five minutes.)  Then I realized that I’d actually done all the painstaking candy bucket stuff in a previous year while leveling her for fun XP.  I had the Squashling; I was just missing the Helm and the PvP achievement.  Easy enough, right?  So, it became obvious that I needed to get her the achievement this year.

I dread such things.

So I prodded a PvP loving friend into coming with me for moral support to kill mean people who attacked me and explain what the heck I was supposed to do.  Also, PvP is always more fun with friends and vent.  I was actually a bit surprised at how much I *did* know about what I was supposed to do.  It felt more intuitive than it used to.  Somehow I picked up the basics at least.  Somewhere.

I die though. Seems like melee classes can really kick my ass.  I hate Death Grip.  I hate rogues.  They eat me.  Mostly I try to resolve this by staying with people, hiding, and running away from guys with sharp things attacking me.  Oh, and some Psychic Scream.

I really have a mixed feeling about requiring PvP for holiday achievements.  Hopping around as a little bunny and such or escorting an orphan to the Dark Gate may or may not be considered fun by everyone…but they don’t mess with other people doing what they love in game.  I hear a lot from PvPers stating how obnoxious it is to have uncaring tourists showing up to get their achievements without any care to wining the battles.  And I certainly get how frustrating it can be to experiment with PvP just to get them.

The Hallow’s End achievement is not hard at all.  First, you need to run around the world a wee bit collecting candy from baskets to be able to give yourself the appropriate GNERD buff.  (You really don’t need that many.)  Then you need to remember to buff yourself with it.  (Very important.)  Then queue for a random BG and profit.  I got mine in a single Eye of the Storm.  It took me longer to queue because the system is being all weird than to get enough kills for the achievement.

So it was fun for me, and encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone – without making it overly intimidating or messing up how the BGs work.  Other holiday PvP goals are a lot more challenging.  Might I try them this year?  Oh, probably.  But only if I can get some friends to keep me company.

P.S.  Anyone have any favorite places for Discipline PvP resources?  I know I could use some help.


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on October 30, 2010.

3 Responses to “Me + PvP”

  1. I think I share your relationship with PvP. Back when I started in vanilla, the best healing offhand in game (Lei of the Lifegiver) came from AV exalted, so I did my grind – then again, AV was (especially at that time) much more pve-ish than pvp. But ever since, I have had fun dabbling in BGs with friends. I suck at it, or at least I suck it at it more than at PvE, but I also enjoy it, as long as I have a friend dps who I can heal.

  2. […] Me + PvP from Ecclesiastical Discipline. A response to my question about how disc priests are holding up in PvP of late. […]

  3. This was a fun read, very entertaining! I’m the silly priest that runs up to big, ugly, spinning, stabbing monstrosities to see how long I can last. I agree, it doesn’t have the same stress-of-fail level that PvE content does. As far as discipline PvP resources… There isn’t a blog that comes to mind. Watching videos on YouTube can be both time wasting and entertaining. But I’d say, if you already know the basics – the practice makes perfect! Good luck!

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