I Can Haz Totems!!!!!!

Last I left things off in the world of totems, I was 79 and thrilled about turning 80 the next day.  Well, I did.  And then I wrote up this post.  And promptly forgot to…you know…post it.  So here are my belated thoughts on Shaman healing at 80 – now with some post 4.0.1 notes.

I have to admit I’ve never enjoyed the last leg of leveling quite so much, all do to my wondrous leveling friend.  In celebration of the long-awaited moment, he was thoughtful enough to surprise me with end game glyphs for both of my specs, gems for all my crafted gear, and a complete set of enchanting scrolls to save for when I got my first good piece for each slot.  Along with all the crafted gear, I felt positively pampered.

I’ve been sluggishly gearing my way through randoms…but I’ve also done some Big Boy Raiding.  An ICC 25 even.  (What imbecile lets someone without 200 level gear into an ICC 25 anyways?  No idea – but I was doing well on the healing charts, which was scary enough.)  I did the Malygos weekly as well my first week, and two versions of VOA.  I’m happiest about getting together a pug (pug, no less!) for an Ulduar 10 mount run that was so successful we came back and did Algalon.  Yay for the 310 drake!

I hate that part.  Being 80, but not quite geared.  Desperately needing randoms, and the hellish impatience and GOGOGOGO atmosphere of heroics.  Who even considers mechanics anymore?  Politeness?  The entire experience feels like jumping into a vast pool of rabid sharks and choking on their combined bile.  Okay, it really hasn’t been that bad…but I can only attribute that to my leveling friend, who has kindly pulled out his nicely geared alt to tank for my first week.  I truly do find heroics wear down my general faith in the intelligence and competence of humanity at large.

I’m really enjoying the healing style.  I’m particularly fond of how the spells interact with each other…it makes a healing with a small toolbox interesting and flexible.  I’m surprised I’m not finding the immobility more of a restraint since I’m used to very mobile healers.  I’m really not though.  Again, when I’m doing more serious raiding, I may very well notice it a lot more.  Thankfully, Shaman will have a movement cooldown soon, and that should alleviate that issue.

I’m completely surprised at the one thing that has been bothering me.  Whether it’s using Pain Suppression for particularly nasty moments or stacking the tank with HoTs before a Evil Boss Move or a Penance at just the right time…  I miss my cooldowns, particularly a nice short powerful heal like Penance.  Unleash Elements to the rescue.  (Pity I’ll have to wait until 81 to try it.)


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on October 21, 2010.

4 Responses to “I Can Haz Totems!!!!!!”

  1. I think you mean tidal force. Tidal Waves is still our delicious mainstay.

  2. Congrats on the ding! Really interested to hear your thoughts on diving in to healing as a shammy in the new setup – I keep meaning to set my shammy up but haven’t got round to it yet. Do you think there’s any chance shammy healing will rival priestie healing for you?

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