Catching Up…

It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks for me personally.  I’ve had issues with my roommate, huge reasons to move out months earlier than I planned, a suddenly sick(er) cat, working double shifts to save the money so I can move, drama at work, reasons to hate all men, and well…what more to you need for an up and down and all over the map stressful as hell week.  Except of course a new patch!  Problems with addons, two new specs to learn, and bugged mechanics.  Combine this with my current inability to feel rested no matter how much sleep I get and…I’m at the breaking point.  I just don’t have the energy to do much other than Trick or Treat and show up for raids, and I’m finding even that totally draining.

I made a guest post over at MMO Melting Pot this weekend – a guide to the changes in the dispel mechanics.  And I’ll have some ideas on priestly healing in 4.0.1 soon.  Meanwhile, it seems an appropriate time to consider how well I did at meeting my pre-Cataclysm goals.  Well….

My Shaman

…was leveled and raid ready just in time for 4.0.1.  I farmed a bit of triumph before it hit, so now I can pick out several frost level items which will set him up quite nicely.  I even managed a few attempts at ten and 25 man raiding.  What I’m most proud of though is that I completed an Ulduar drake run with him just in time to get grandfathered into 310 riding.

My Protadin

My baby Protadin got stuck in her fifties and never recovered.  I’d been leveling her with my boyfriend, and he got distracted with other games and had less free time because of holidays, and then a two week trip out of town.  It became obvious I wasn’t going to get her leveled and geared before the patch hit…and with the state of Paladin tanking right now, I’m almost glad I’m not fighting with it myself.  I have to admit I’m sad that I’m going to miss out on tanking Wrath raids.  I’m a little nervous that when I pick her back up, she’ll  be in that awkward place of not really having her toolkit anymore.  I hope she gets picked back up, but who knows when that will be? 


I continue to fail at making money on my Priest on my new server.  I’m just trying to leak gold more slowly.  I’ve decided I’m waiting for the brave new world of Cataclysm when professions get updated to push hard at that.  I feel like I’m just too far behind the curve to catch up this late.  However, on my old server I managed some wonders with glyphs when 4.0.1 was released.  Okay, “wonders” is overstating it a touch.  I did prepare well and make a decent chunk money though, and as my goal was simply to “get rid of my stock of glyphs” and “have more than 10K gold” I succeeded quite well…and profits are still rolling in.


My Shaman now has mining at max level, and is ready with mats on hand to level his engineering when 4.0.3 profession changes hit.  My Druid is at Northrend level herbalism, and I just need to find a wee bit more time to finish that off.  Then she’ll be set for Alchemy for 4.0.3.  Conveniently, that will again give me the appropriate gathering on each server to support my Jewelcrafting and Inscription.  Yay.

Plans for the Future

My banks and bags are all in order, my gathering is almost leveled on two toons, and I’ve been spending time auctioning and doing holiday achievements.  Can you tell I’m a bit bored?  It’s time to start doing my dailies like a good girl and max out my badges for all my raiding characters.  I’ve been thinking I might try some Glory of the Hero achievements while I’m at it, just to add a fun goal.  Other than that, I’m ready for the world to implode.  I’m a lot more focused right now on settling everything in my personal life so that I can be moved and settled and stress free for the expansion.


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on October 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Catching Up…”

  1. wow is supposed to be somewhat relaxing to log into when the rest of the world is going to crap, but all the changes have certainly made it less so.

    Hope it all gets sorted out

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