I Can Haz Toems…Almost

Northrend has been quite an adventure.  While my general leveling plan is to run back to back five mans, everything changes for Northrend.  By seventy, I seem to be getting maybe a tenth of a level each run which is really not enough compared to questing xp.  More than that, I don’t want to burn myself out on the Heroics I’m going to be spamming the heck out of to gear up.

My fast pace in getting here is definitely due to my fabulous leveling partner.  We’ve both around the same hours.  We’re both driven at about the same pace.  He’s easy going.  And he knows all the quests, so I can gratuitously abuse my follow macro and count on him to let me know when I should be using that quest item hidden in the mess of my bags. Plus, hanging out on vent chatting makes it all go so much more quickly and painlessly.

Mostly I’m playing a bastardized version of Elemental.  I throw totems.  I Fire Nova and Chain Heal.  I Shock and Wind Shear.  And I heal the silly Fury Warrior who is my Meat Shield.  It’s fun.  I’m still excited about trying Elemental out end game.  Not as a main spec mind you, just sometimes.  I say that, and wonder who is this person?  It’s been years since I’ve liked a dps class, so wow, that’s pretty exciting.

I still do a few instances.  The daily random and anything I have quests for.  They’ve been a lot better than I thought, and at the same time just as hellish as I remember leveling my druid.  Half of them go by and I’m bored out of my mind healing with Earth Shield and Healing Stream Totem.  And half of them have such awful tanks that aggro is running rampant.  Tank gearing for the seventies is still obviously an issue.  I’m not having an OMG save the squishy tank issue the same way I did with my druid.  Is that because I’m just a better player now?  Or is a Shaman toolkit a little more oriented to spot healing?  Druids have this 0-60 issue it took me a while to work with.

I’m going to bed tonight a few percent away from 79, so tomorrow should be The Day.  Expect fireworks.  I have my 213 BOE bracers, and I even splurged on a pair of crafted 264s to get him started on the right foot.  I’ve been gleeful about that.  (You wouldn’t have wanted to be in vent with me tonight.)  I’ve never given so much gearing love to an alt.

There are plans for 80 as well.  Oh the Plans! I’ve been getting an Ulduar meta group together.  We’re a little late for getting him amazingly well geared through running tons of ICC, but I can sure figure out how to save 5K on 310% flying once the expansion hits.  Plus, Ulduar is fun and pretty and they’re great achievements.  After that, I’ll try to do a bit of ICC and see how that goes.

I expect the 4.0 patch is going to drop in a week, maybe two.  So, I’ll be grinding emblems, but I won’t be spending them if I don’t have to.  I’d hate to spend a week getting my T9 set only to have the patch drop and have those same badges buy T10.  With my crafted gear and a friendly tank to heal, I think I’ll be fine with the healing grind until the patch hits.  Hopefully then my stockpile will get me a fairly decent set.


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on September 24, 2010.

8 Responses to “I Can Haz Toems…Almost”

  1. Toems? What is this new spell and why didn’t anyone tell me anything about it ;)

    I don’t think using all your spells necessarily means you’re playing bastardised elemental – in cataclysm it is definitely necessary to interrupt, knock back, root and self heal in soloing. As for instances, I know a lot of shaman who end up pew pewing on the side because ES/HS is just that imba ;)

    • Winces and tries vainly to find out why spell check doesn’t work in titles…

      I wasn’t really calling it bastardized because it was a hybrid play style. Okay, maybe I was. It feels like I’m picking out a few very high dps Elemental notes…and then needing to heal. It feels like the most ADD “rotation” I’ve ever seen. Sometimes I’m creaming the Fury Warrior on recount, but mostly I’m doing half his dps. What matters is that we live and things get dead, so it’s not an issue. But it feels weird. There’s a couple spells that just feel sooooo overtuned you don’t need to try to top the charts, coupled with lagging single target dps. (Do I just suck at Ele?)

      I’m thrilled about the utility though. It’s fun from both a healing and dps perspective. It seems like that’s one of the last things people pick up about a class. I’ve been trying hard though to try both specs and work it all in now, so I can get used to it. Whether that’s Oh Gosh! I have a silence/interrupt to Look! it’s an Earth or Fire Elemental or Bloodlust!!!!@!! I can’t wait for Hex.

      I strongly feel that using your toolbox means you’re really doing it right. I know on my Priest it was when I finally felt like I could keep up with healing and use Power Infusion and Pain Suppression on cooldown – I really feel like I arrived. I want to bring that depth to playing the Shaman.

      But I’m glad to know I’m not alone. :)

      • While I enjoy other classes, there’s nothing quite like the shear RANGE of utility we have, even if it’s not as good as some classes. DPSing the Valithria encounter really hammered that home to me – I was capable of interrupting archmagi, bursting Skeletons, kiting zombies AND AoEing.

        Plus the pushback from thunderstorm AND the root on Earthbond totem AND resistence totems and and and (so on.)

  2. I pray that you’re wrong about 4.0 – need at least a couple of weeks to get my Heroic LK kill in….

  3. I think we are farther than 1-2 weeks out on 4.0, there is still too much stuff broken on the PTR *professions cough*.

    There are some really great 245 bracers that you can craft for really cheap to make if you want, you won’t find better outside of ICC (I’m still wearing them on Mynn – as ICC apparently doesn’t have shaman bracers!). I can even spot you some crusader orbs if you need, just let me know!

    And – have a pre-emptive Grats! :)

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  5. […] I left things off in the world of totems, I was 79 and thrilled about turning 80 the next day.  Well, I did.  And then I wrote up this post.  And promptly forgot to…you know…post […]

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