I’m starting to ramp up into full panic mode about Cataclysm. Is it because of the continuing lack of progress Blizzard has made with Discipline?  Not really.  I’m not happy about that mind you, but I’m not worried.  If I hate Discipline, Holy is looking really kick ass…or I’ll pick a different healer.  As much as I love my bubble-elf, what I really love is healing – and I’ve never been worried Blizzard will break the game such that that gets ruined.

No, the real problem is that I’m not even close to being ready…and everything is pointing towards Cataclysm being ready fairly soon.  (Yes, I understand we’re talking a minimum of two months.)

Now, I’ve definitely made progress on the leveling.  My Shaman is 65 now, and my Paladin is 53.  It’s quite doable to get them both to 80 before Cataclysm hits.  Crosses fingers. I did want to have some fun raiding with them before the world as we know it ends…but frankly the effort to gear up a toon for raiding at this point seems a bit silly.  A gear reset is really the perfect time to max a new character.  For my Shaman, it was just to get a feel for how I like healing raids with the toolbox.  Mostly I just wanted to see how I felt about the lack of mobility.  But with my Protadin, it truly makes me sad.  I started playing after Wrath came out, so I have a lot of fond memories of Nax and Ulduar, and I’ve been excited for months about the idea of those giant bugs, and dragons, and such that I faced so many times from a distance smacking me in the face.

Well, a girl can still hope.

There are other goals though that I’m just not sure I’ll have time to get around to.  Like, say, leveling professions on three characters.  Wince. It wasn’t until this week that I realized that I’d dropped all my gathering professions for better raiding bonuses.  And, well, that’ll make it a bit difficult for me to level my existing jewelcrafting and inscription.  So, my next goal is to get my mining and herbalism up to 80.  I’m thinking it will be best to bank all the mats I gather, and level my alchemy, engineering, and blacksmithing after Cataclysm hits since they are re-adjusting the profession system to make it easier to level.

What else?  Well, I think I’ve failed at stockpiling money.  For my Priest, I have just enough cash to last several months even if I purchase flying for my baby Shaman.  I think I’ll just wait it out – I’m sure I’ll be better able to make money with her after the world resets.  (It’s a little too late to start doing JC dailies to get a variety of cuts, for instance.)  I think I should just keep doing what I’m doing – crafting cloth I’m gathering while leveling into bags and such to sell, and cleaning out my bags, making sure all the old world materials and supplies useless crap I’ve accumulated gets auctioned off.  Well, some of it at least.  On my old server, that’s a lot more complicated.  First, I have my own guild bank, with a heck of a lot of crafting materials and miscellaneous objects.  While I’m keeping all level of enchanting materials (because sometimes they’re useful, or maybe I might want another enchanter someday, or…errr…for no reason at all), the rest of it has got to go now.  I also have a huge stockpile of glyphs…and that’s where it gets tricky.  Many of them will be staying the same…but a number of them are significantly altered or discontinued.  I’m going to have to think about that one more.

I heard some exciting news tonight though, that’s making me feel a lot better (or more panicked, I’m not exactly sure).  They’ve opened up the 4.0 PTR.  That’s wonderful news.  I don’t honestly care to see the new world or do the quests until live – but I’ve been dying to get a feel for the new healing mechanics for myself.  While I can simply transfer my Priest and Druid over, I’ll get the chance to try out a Shaman and Paladin as well.  I’ve been desperate for a better feeling for the new state of healing, and I think this is just what I needed.  I’m downloading the patch right now.


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on September 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “Panic”

  1. Nice post! Yes idd, thats a good way to test game mechanics until Cataclysm. I am a beta tester but i focus more there on new content. Now we will have the chance to see our meters with the new talents :)

  2. I’m kind of in the same position. I’m really not sure whether I’m ready for Cata yet either. I don’t understand why though. I have plenty of gold, all my alts are 80 and set for questing, and I’ve even mapped out my leveling paths through the new zones on beta. But, I’ve found myself logging in less and less. I’m not tired of the game, but I think it’s an apprehension towards how much things are changing. I’m loving the new healing system, but every beta build has been a complete overhaul. Maybe 4.0 will settle things down a little more. If they’re set to release that then the classes must be closer to done.

    As for your gold problem, what I’d do if I was you is start farming out old world mats. The things you’d need to train lower level professions. While there will be more traffic through those zones with goblins and worgen, I’m sure there’s plenty of other folks (myself included) that can’t be bothered with gathering professions, and I’ll be switching my professions in Cata to whatever I can min/max with the best. Other than that, I’ve made most of my gold lately via raiding. Even at a lower cost, saronites have been great income. I’ve also been selling a large amount of gems acquired via honor. If you do all the wintergrasp quests every week it’s two free gems, and you can get 10k honor for another from 2 bg wins most days. It’s very easy cash.

  3. […] in 4.0.1 soon.  Meanwhile, it seems an appropriate time to consider how well I did at meeting my pre-Cataclysm goals.  […]

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