I Can Haz Totems: The Outlands

Yay!  I can haz Riptide.  What’s not to love? Errr…well, actually I’m a bit underwhelmed.  Yes it’s instant, but it heals for less than my Lesser Healing Wave.  Sure…it adds a HoT, and that’s particularly nifty as it’s my only HoT.  (I can even consume the HoT for Chain Heal Awesomeness.)  It’s not a horrible mana drain, but it’s not easy on the mana (like Penance) either.  I don’t find that I’m using it that much.  Although realizing how little it really heals for might cause me to use it earlier.  (It’s felt like tanks weren’t really taking enough damage to use it…and clearly that’s wrong.)  So, we’ll see how the mysteries of Riptide and all the watery flowing interactions of all my heals seem to work.  I want to make some sort of flow chart to clear it up in my head.  I’m rather glad I still have a bit of time till 80 to work that out.

I’ve been a bit surprised that DKs haven’t ruined instancing for me.  Sure, I get way too many DKs proportionately at 60ish.  But they generally haven’t been acting as badly as I remember.  I’ve been having some fairly decent tanks all things considered, and last time I instanced through the 60s, it was pretty miserable.  Again, yay!

I’m still not noticing the long cast times and lack of movement.  This is going to hit me like ice water in a raid.  I just know it.  (No more silly instant cast blood elf, jumping and bouncing while healing.)  That’s my only fear here.


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on September 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “I Can Haz Totems: The Outlands”

  1. The best thing about Riptide is that it’s your only “mobile” heal :) Don’t write it off just yet!

  2. What Beru said. I don’t use Riptide intelligently on my shaman, most of the time. I just use it the way I would use Holy Shock. If I have to move out of fire/etc, I throw it on myself as I strafe out. If I want to bump up my chain heal (which I rarely need to do in heroics and slightly more frequently in a pug raid situation) then I’ll cast it and consume it. Don’t forget that it also procs Tidal Waves, which is awesome.

  3. Riptide is awesome! Yes, tidal waves! It’s a waltz. Riptide (proc tidal waves) 2 heals that consume tidal waves, Chain heal (proc tidal waves) 2 more heals that consume tidal waves… oh look, Riptide is off CD again!

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