Geeks Read WoW Blogs Right?

So, I’ve been writing more varied articles here…and I’m feeling a little behind the times in terms of artwork.  I feel like I should do better at including visuals, particularly for configuring addons and positioning bosses and stuff.  But I just don’t know where to start….errr…making pretty picture things for my blog.  Help!  Here are the major things I’d like the ability to do:

  • Crop and to minor edits on screenshots (like blurring names).
  • Draw/put icons or shapes or stuff on, say, floor plans for boss rooms for positioning diagrams.  (Where do you guys get those floor plan things anyways?)  I’m not terribly picky about this, but I’d like it to look “nice”.  Bonus: adding typed stuff too, so I don’t obsess over my mouse penmanship.
  • Flowcharts!  (I’ve used MS Visio before, and may still have it. Thank you, grad degree in business.  Any alternatives if that doesn’t work out?)

Limitations: I’m running Vista (64 bit) and really don’t have a budget to pay for software.

Rewards: Willing to shower you with sickening amounts of affection and link to your blog-like-wonder if I use one of your suggestions.


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on September 8, 2010.

11 Responses to “Geeks Read WoW Blogs Right?”

  1. GIMP ? Paint.NET ? both are free :)

  2. For flowcharts for free, go with Yed. Works really nice. For pictures as Pewter already suggested, GIMP.

  3. You can turn off player names/guildtags etc through the interface options before you take screenshots if you’ve got time to set the picture up which saves time on the editing afterwards.

  4. Paint.NET – its like photoshop anly nice and simple to use and completly free ( I even use it on my work computer because they are too cheap to buy me a copy of photoshop. :)

  5. *totally steals the suggestions and downloads the apps, all sneaky like*

  6. At they tell us to break up large walls of text with things like headers, bolded text, and bulleted lists where applicable. Try that =)

  7. I use paint if posting from work – ( its already free on my pc) does all the basics,and can even do flow charts by drawing a box, and copying and pasting the same box over and over again, anything complicated I use Gimp, but Photobucket also has a inbuilt basic picture editor as does Adobe, you need to sign up for both of those though.

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