PUG Pet Peeves

After a couple hours today more or less entirely unsuccessfully PUGing BRD, I gave up and decided it would be more relaxing to clean my apartment. Really.  Normally I run with at least one friend, and if nothing else there’s some good comic relief to be had when things aren’t working, but I was on my own today.  I’m sure you’re thinking this post has been overdone before, and it probably has.  I’m going to try to avoid the blatantly obvious….but here are a few of the things that drive me nuts in random groups.

  • If you do not know the instance, just say so right at the beginning.  At the very least, do not ignore the helpful people trying to tell you you are going the wrong direction for fifteen minutes before finally admitting you have no idea where you are.
  • “[Insert class/role], do [insert a demand to change your play style].”  Look, I have a name.  It’s in your party frames.  Don’t call me “Priest”.  Your laziness in not attempting to type it out (even in a shortened form) will not inspire me to do your bidding.  On my resto Shaman it’s often silly things like a Paladin wanting me to put down Mana Stream Totem instead of Healing Stream when he hasn’t bothered to buff anyone including himself. *face palm*  Exception: a polite request to put down a cleansing or tremor totem, resistance auras,  or crowd control and cleansing.  Those are reasonable utility for a group member to ask to be taken care of.  I may not have played the instance recently or maybe I remember there’s some weird totem thing I need to do right here, but can’t remember what it is.  “Can you make sure to drop tremor totem for this fight?”  in that damnable room in ST with all those damned fearing ghosts will be responded to with “Hey, I already got you covered. :)”
  • “WTF, no healz?” after a tank death.  Seriously, if you’re a tank you need to consider if you died if it might have just been your fault before going on a jihad against your healer.  You probably got heals, they just weren’t sufficient to keep you alive.  Are you defense capped (if you are at a level you need to be) and have reasonable avoidance?  Are you properly speced for tanking? Are you sure you were in a proper tanking stance?  Did your healer have a reasonable amount of mana before a pull?  Did he just say in chat he needed to go afk/drink mana?  Did you ignore elements of line of sight when making the pull (shifting behind features, stepping a couple steps down a staircase, ducking around a corner) such that a life saving heal (or several) didn’t land?  Did you pull too much?  (If you pulled more than one pack and died its on you – you misjudged the ability of your healer and dps to keep up.)  Did you mismanage interrupts?  Did you pull when you had low health?  Did you let an add nomnomnom your healer?  Did you use a cooldown when things got dicey?  Ask yourself all these questions before you blame someone else.  If you haven’t leveled as a healer in the dungeon finder, you have no idea how many ret pallies will get all annoyed when they die…until you point out that they aren’t properly geared and speced for tanking, and maybe they shouldn’t pull three groups at once – and while they are at it, try to be a little more humble.  If you want me to heal you when you aren’t minimally geared/speced for an instance, you damn well better not get pissed of when you die, and you damn well better be nice to me.  How about saying something like “Hey, I’m sorry for the wipe, I know I’m not perfectly speced/geared for this, how can I work with you to make this run a success?”  Because I’ll try hard to heal the heck out of you if you’re just a little humble and reasonable about it.
  • When a tank politely requests that a dps stop using an ability that makes things harder to manage mobs, do not respond “WTF, don’t tell me how to play my class.”  This includes knockback attacks, root/slow abilities, and simply not moving to the tank (or, god forbid,  running away) if you pull aggro.  The tank is trying to communicate to ensure a successful run – and you’re interfering with that and jeopardizing everyone.  He’s saying he’s confident he can keep you safe if you play by the expected rules.  If you respond rudely and refuse?  Expect that the tank will stop bothering to taunt off you at all, and the healer will give up on healing your stupid arrogant ass.  And you’ll die.  A lot.
  • On the same note, when a healer politely asks you to stop taking avoidable damage or annoy the tank by acting badly..it’s a good idea to do so.
  • Do not queue for an instance and then decline it or go afk.  If something personal came up, just zone in, apologize and eat the deserter buff.  No one really cares; we’ll get another dps in a minute.  But as a tank?  With instant queues?  And you immediately decline?  Fuck you.  Check your bag space, or your repairs needed or whatever in advance.   The same thing goes for people who zone in and go afk to get free experience.  You’re assholes.  And Blizzard?  “Returned to the front of the queue” is really not how that works technically.  Fix that pretty please?
  • Do not say “Gogogogogogogoggogoggo.”  Ever.  If you are a healer, after a few pulls, you can politely let a tank know that you are comfortable healing her if she wants to make bigger pulls or move faster.  A nice way to handle this is to whisper the tank with “Hey, feel free to keep pulling as fast as you like unless my mana is under X%,  I’ll keep up with you.”  Even then, don’t tell her to do it. If you are a dps and don’t know how well geared and comfortable and experienced the tank and healer both are, as well as the overall dps and utility, just shut up.  You have no idea what the maximum pace is for your group that is both efficient and safe.  A wipe is much more costly in terms of time than taking a few moments to get a pull right.

/end snark


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on August 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “PUG Pet Peeves”

  1. Spot on. And also, even though it’s been done before the message just doesn’t seem to reach out, so there’s no harm in saying it again.

    • Oh you can certainly argue that the message isn’t received…but I feel bad being all snarky all over my readers. Because ya know? They’re the good guys. This is That Post that could be all helpful except that the people who read it are all down with the program. I think I just wanted to rand a bit.

  2. God, I agree with this all so hard.

    You know, you could probably summarise this into: “never start a sentence with WTF.” I don’t know why but WTF is becoming one of those weird linguistic ticks like “lol” and people use it without really remembering what it means. So instead of saying “why did we wipe there?” (sensible enough) you end up with “wtf, why we wipe?!!” (extremely rude).


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