Best in Slot

I’ve always said I really don’t do much theory-crafting.  Well recently I found myself spending hours at it.  Why?  I won my second Heroic mark, and its time to get my set together for Heroic Lich King attempts.  (Please wish me luck.)

Optimizing my gear is something I’ve thought about more and more recently.  My last guild was heavy on Paladins, so I spent quite a bit of my time bubbling and spot healing the raid.  When I shifted to this guild, I found myself called on to do quite a bit more actual tank healing.  Much of my gearing choices for a while have been aimed at buffing my haste up to reasonable levels to take care of a tank. But we’re starting our LK hard mode pulls soon, and it’s time to get serious about Bubble Gear.  Seriously, I’ve still been wearing my 245 T9 2 piece because I didn’t want to give up the Prayer of Mending bonus.  (And still, we’ll see from upcoming logs how I like the four piece T10; the 2 piece was completely underwhelming.)

See, I’m nervous.  Derevka went and scared the heck out of me with his post about 20K Infest hits.  So here I am, fiddling with numbers trying to get myself the Bestest Bubbles Ever.

Here’s the plan.  I’m starting with the four piece tier 10 set, which adds a 5% boost to shields.  I chose to upgrade the pants to 277 (best spell power boost), since I have a 277 offset crit helm for Bubbles, but I want to switch the tier chest out for my haste set (yay MCR).  Since spell power is the only stat that scales Power Word Shield, obviously that’s a focus.  But I also want to keep my crit as high as possible.  Divine Ageas from Glyph of PWS heals may not sound like much, but it’s not chopped liver either and Infest ticks will guarantee that it isn’t wasted.  One thing I’m not doing – regemming everything.  I am probably overly fond of socket bonuses…but that’s not the worst trait on earth either.

So there I was playing with my chardev profile*, figuring out which 277 tier piece I should get, and it struck me.  I’m really close to actually getting a best in slot gear set.  Not a “best thing possible in this guild” set.  Not a “best gear since we’re not doing 25 mans” set.  But a real “this is my dream gear from anything possible in the game” set.  And that is the coolest thing ever.  I have arrived.

It’s not even that I’m that into gear.  I’m really not.  It’s always been the at the bottom of my list for motivating factors.  Ultimately it’s a tool.  Sometimes is pretty, sometimes it has nice procs, sometimes is just some stats.  But there’s definitely a sense of pride when I check one of those online tools or look at a gear list, and everything is approachable.  Nothing says “I’ve arrived” like finishing out the expansion with style.  I’ve been happy about it all week.  A lot of this is the thought process in the choice.  I’ve gotten out of the “more spellpower on that – roll” mindset and into a “Hmmm…which of these three upgrades do I really want to finish things off?” sort of mood.  There’s a lot more thought involved in picking the perfect upgrade, but I’ve found it rewarding.

After doing all of this, I’m a little less sure we all want to go through with H LK attempts.  I haven’t really decided how I feel about that.  But I do have two nifty sets of gear that are well itemized for whatever kind of Disc Priest I need to be at the moment.  And I set up the Equipment Manager to shift between them seamlessly.  Now to figure out how to best work around that dragon scale I just picked up…

*Kurn turned me on to this nifty site, and it was really a pleasure to use.  It took a long time to set up all the options I wanted to consider with geming and enchants and everything, but it was really worthwhile.


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on August 28, 2010.

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