For Those Who Use Blogger…

I seem to constantly run into issues commenting on your blogs.

I’ll spend a huge amount of time writing a response to an interesting post and then blogger just eats it and gives me an error that my OpenID didn’t work or what have you, and I can’t get my post back.  I’ll admit I should know better by now, and I should save a long comment in Notepad before attempting to post it.  But…  Sigh.

Are people unaware of this issue?  If you are, why are you still using Blogger?  Is there something on my end I can do to fix it?  I honestly just don’t even want to attempt to make a comment on a Blogger entry at this point.

Note: I’ve generally been using OpenID as an authorization.  Should I just stop that?  Or will I get problems regardless?


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on August 25, 2010.

11 Responses to “For Those Who Use Blogger…”

  1. Sometimes it can be as frustrating for the recipient of the intended comment as it is for you :)

    • I imagine it is…but it makes me wonder why you (as a group not personally) don’t switch to a hosted account or word press if you keep having such issues? I didn’t intend it as a personal attack, I just don’t get it, and I wonder if the issue is because comments are not working (at least sometimes) bloggers aren’t aware of it.

      And I rewrote my comment for you while it was still fresh in my head. Also, now I’m feeling like a bit of a jerk for my slightly snippy I can’t post comment. I was honestly just trying to see if I could post before trying to rewrite it all….and sometimes it’s not just a one time thing it rejects me ten times in a row.

      Thanks for dropping by and good luck on your priest.

      I’m still flailing at making money.

  2. I notice from commenting that some Blogger blogs don’t have “Name and URL” enabled as a mode of identifying myself. I’ve never used Blogger so I don’t know how to suggest people change it, but that’s the only method that really works for me, so it will stop me commenting.
    I don’t want to use my Google Account because it’s linked to me as a person rather than my blogging identity, and I don’t want to start new accounts in places just to comment with.

    I’ve tried to set up OpenID against my URL but I honestly don’t quite understand what I’m doing.

    Not the most helpful comment, but it was in the general ranting-about-Blogger-comments vein… ;-)

    • Maybe it’s just an OpenID issue? It was a helpful comment…I’ve edited my post to ask if that might be the issue. OpenID works with wordpress, which is how I blog, so that’s a great way for me to be identified. But no harm in typing it in with a name/email alternative if that works better.

      Thanks for dropping by…I didn’t realize you read my blog. :) I’ve always enjoyed your posts.

      • I finally was inspired to set up my domain as my OpenID (, which means I can now comment on the handful of blogs I couldn’t before, but also means I might be facing the same problems as you. Wish me luck!

        Thanks for the compliment, I’m blushing a little ;-) I’m intending to write about my own epic healing moments when I get time, inspired by your recent post. Nothing like stealing other people’s topics to keep the creative juices flowing!

        • I’d love to see that post. I’m so glad to inspire…and I really do love reading things you’ve written. I suppose there aren’t that many healy preisty blogs out there…it shouldn’t be a surprise we keep up with each other.

  3. To coutner it, I often run into problems when bloggers demand me to have OpenID, which I don’t have, running Disqus or whatever it’s called or other fancy comment systems. I want it simple and plain!

    My blog is done in Blogger and I’ve made the setting so that you don’t have to be logged into anything at all. You can just use your name and comment as you are. It can’t really get any simpler imo. but it all has to do with what security level the blogger uses. I would suggest that you e-mail the bloggers that you have probem with individually, bringing the problem to their attention. They might not be aware of it. And it’s very easily fixed.

  4. I usually use name/url if it is available rather than open ID. Otherwise, I have a gmail account I can use.

  5. I’ve never had a problem leaving comments on Blogger sites, though I use Disqus for comments on my own Blogger site. I’d suggest using the Name/URL method rather than OpenID if possible, but other than that, I got nothing.

    I just tried to make WordPress blog (2nd try) and I really hate the lack of customizablity of WordPress if you don’t want to pay for it.

  6. THANK YOU. I have the same problem. I have lost tons and tons of commentary on blogs because OpenID didn’t work, or even when it worked flawlessly, I get logged in and return…. to an empty post comment box.

    Blogger is a strong platform, I’m sure, although I don’t like it personally. However, the comment system absolutely BLOWS. Or maybe it’s the Open ID implementation. I don’t know. SOMETHING is massively wrong.

    I now to compose my comments in Gmail drafts (auto save & accessible everywhere FTW) or Notepad, since I like long comments. But I learned my lesson thanks to Blogger.

    So you’re not alone – I have trouble too, all. the. time.

  7. Thank you to everyone who took the time to give feedback. There were a lot of people who commented who I had no idea followed my bog. I thought this was an annoyed throw away post, not something really interesting, so I’m glad it was informative. I hope you all continue to join me for more silly priestly adventures.

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