Yay Links!  I know I haven’t posted links in…gosh…it’s been almost two months.  Why?  Well, the blogosphere went into overdrive then about the RealID mess, and then Cataclysm news, and I’ve been having trouble getting through everything in my reader and picking out the best posts.  I still have a huge list of blogs I want to check out as well, and it seems like my feed reader just gets larger and larger and larger by the day.  But there were some really great ones this week, and it inspired me to get off my ass and get this post up.

The Worst PuG – Cannot Be Tamed – This post about a terrible heroic run made me laugh.  Sadly it reminded me of the two druid tanks I got in a row in BRD wearing a charming selection of spellpower cloth.

The LK Healing Model – Life in Group 5 – Very interesting thoughts on how Resto Shaman healing works on LK, and what that could mean in light of the recent blue posts stating that Shaman healing is the closest to their intentions for Cataclysm healing.

Just in Time vs. Just in Case Healing – Life in Group 5 – A look at using production management tools as a model for efficient healing

Offspec Tank Loot Priorities – Righteous Defense – Thoughts on whether (and how) to prioritize offspec loot for players who need to switch specs for progression fights.

Situational Awareness and You – Looking for More – Situational awareness begins with…optimizing your mouse speed for turns.  Really interesting read.

Recently, I’ve been distracted by some things in Real Life (you may have heard of it) including a very sick cat.  Meanwhile in WoW…my attention is spread pretty thin.  My beloved Priest has been busy with her 25 mans, and I’ve spent a good amount of time getting her gear in line to start tackling Lich King HM soon.  My boyfriend also talked me into appearing more often for his ten man HM work on my druid – a prospect I was fairly sadly geared for – so I’ve spent a few weeks on her farming and upgrading and geming and enchanting for my little tree to get her haste capped.  (She’s pretty close at this point.)  I’ve gone into overdrive leveling my Shaman and my Paladin as well (both are mid fifties).  Every time I see a post about Cataclysm, my motivation to have all four healing classes ready and waiting for any eventuality goes up.  I’ve also been shifting my UI around, partially for my baby tank, and partially because I want to get my druid switched over to Grid for raiding, and then I need to refine my Power Auras for everyone, and I could really change a few of my customized debuff settings on Grid to show things better, and I always wanted to play with kg panels, and…  Oh, and it’s time to start making money for Cataclysm as well.  Funny how actually playing the game more leaves less time for writing about everything I’ve been thinking about playing the game.

I’d like to post more though…and I have quite a few posts in progress. A few things I’m working on:

  • Working together with healers of varying classes
  • Impressions on Shaman and Protadin leveling
  • In depth User Interface guide for healers
  • Encounter specific healing guides
  • Implementing my blogroll
  • Thoughts on Cataclysm changes for priests and healing

So here is a question for you, dear readers, what would you like to hear more about?


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on August 14, 2010.

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