Epic Healing Moments

Tonight was one of the best raiding nights I’ve had in a long time.  I wasn’t doing hard mode 25s though…I was healing a ten man alt run with my boyfriend.  We kicked some ass though – we got through 10/12 ICC with a couple people who hadn’t been there before with lots of the raid badly geared with very little fuss.

And I had a moment.  One of those moments that makes everything feel Epic.  I single healed Festergut.

Well…mostly.  We were two healing all night with both of our alt trees and having a grand time.  We communicate well, and we’re speced a bit differently, so we have different strengths, and it was all flowers and ponies and leaves…and he disconnected a few seconds into the Festergut fight.  We’d been a little bit skeptical about two healing that particular fight to begin with, and so I was almost expecting someone to call it a wipe.  But my boyfriend – the RL – was offline so we all just kept at it.  And I went insane.  No…I got focused.  I HOTed the heck out of the tank, threw a Rejuv on anyone who dropped below 50% health, and shifted my Wild Growth between the melee and ranged…and it just worked.  No one made silly mistakes and took stupid damage…and when he logged back in half way through the fight we were doing great.  Health bars were under control.

I admit my first thought when he logged back in was that I was a touch disappointed; I was having fun and wanted to see what I could do. And then I decided that healing more than half that fight on my own was already one of those <insert my boyfriend’s Holy Pally> epic moments already.  And then I spent the rest of the fight shaking and thinking “OMG OMG OMG I did that”.  Heck, half of what’s so cool about that was that the raid trusted me.  They didn’t panic and die…they let me have my chance at glory.  And glory it was.  Nothing ostentatious really, but a few people noticed how well the healing was working and gave us some compliments.  He always bloody does everything well, so they were really mine to enjoy.  :)


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on August 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Epic Healing Moments”

  1. I love moments like that :)


  2. I love that feeling of really getting it right under pressure. Best moments of the game — even over the big achieves. I couldn’t tell you who did what on my first LK kill. But ask me about the day I accidentally single healed SF (someone dc’d, someone else was sposed to swap specs and didn’t) before SoW and I can give you a moment-by-moment description!

  3. […] time I saw hard mode Putricide 25 in phase three and thought “OMG, this is insane”.  There was a recent moment where I ended up solo healing Festergut and it felt the same […]

  4. Great story. Adding you to my reader.

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