I Can Haz Totems: Forty!

The great milestone is reached!

About the time I hit thirty, I realized that Magma Totem plus Fire Nova does some beastly dps.  With the occaisional Chain Lightning thrown around when I’m bored, I found myself regularly topping the damage meters while healing.  It can be a bit hard on my mana bar, and I know I’m a very bad person from withholding the Flametongue Totem buff from my groups, but it is way way too much fun.  It’s also terribly overpowered.

The whole experience inspired me to dual spec as soon as I hit forty.  In fact I ran my first couple dungeons after that in Elemental, just for a bit of fun.  I have to say though, I’m not comfortable with it yet.  I’m feeling a bit awkward with the whole thing.  I’m sure a little more practice couldn’t hurt, and I definitely want to move my bars around to get my attacks in a better spot.  Also, am I the only one a bit surprised at all the choices available in the Elemental talent build?  I tried to look up the basic spec, and found several different answers, and finally gave up and just took the talents I wanted.

But back to Restoration…  Forty brought lots of good fun.  Cleansing Totem and Cleanse Spirit are great to have (though I’m still really annoyed at that really really long cast speed debuff in RFD that no one but a druid can get rid of.)  I haven’t had much need for Mana Tide Totem, though I’m happy to have it around.  Chain Heal is of course my new best friend, and I have to admit it makes me feel more like a “real” Resto Shaman.  I keep getting reminded of Cassandri’s “The Dream” and smiling.  I’m finding it terribly convenient to finally have a direct AoE heal.  That was the one piece I found myself missing on my little troll, and with it added in, I’m really liking how the toolkit is coming together.  I would have thought I’d be desperately missing having all of the instant cast spells I’m used to on my Disc Priest, but I honestly don’t mind at all.  I thought shifting from a fairly mobile healer to a stationary one would be a heck of a lot more obnoxious.  (I imagine I’ll notice it a lot more when I get to raiding.)

I do look forward to the wonders of Earth Shield and Riptide.  We’ll see how soon I can reach fifty…I’ve been very inspired the past couple weeks.  My leveling partner jumped to 60 when I was having some computer issues a few weeks back, so I still have a ways to go to catch up to him.


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on July 27, 2010.

6 Responses to “I Can Haz Totems: Forty!”

  1. I’ve been playing with some really talented Resto Shamans in the dungeon finder – especially in the lvl 60-70 bracket.

    I think if you’re leveling as Restoration you probably won’t notice the change to stationary healing quite as much. I didn’t spec Restoration until I reached level 80… and it was a bit of a shock.

    • I feel like it’s important for me to level with whatever spec I want to play end game…the process gives me more flexibility with and knowledge of the tools so that I can hit the ground running at 80. I like to see how the toolkit pans out as the character progresses.

      I seem to get a lot of complements on my healing as a Shaman. I haven’t figured out if it’s a newly developed courtesy from the Dungeon Finder (lol) or just something about Shaman heals that people like. I do know healing has felt easy and fun and seemless….and that’s a great start.

      It’s nice to see you stop by here! May The Dream live on as an inspiration to all Shaman!

  2. Hey E.D.

    Love the blog, btw. It’s quickly becoming one of my new favorites, and you clearly have a lot of energy and enthusiasm to bring to the community.

    I wanted to get back to you about the comment you left on Matt’s blog. If you’re on the CoH website, just left click the download link and it should load right in your browser, though it won’t be pretty and embedded. Just a play bar on a white page.

    When I designed the original site, I wanted visitors to be able to play the file right on the episode page, but the iWeb widget Apple built for embedded playing was loading the file whenever you visited the page – which made the site slow and sucked up bandwidth. I am searching for an alternative embed option, but for now I just wanted you to know you should be able to just click and listen. Hope that helps!

    • @ Dawn

      Hey, thanks for dropping by! I did actually (in desperation to hear the latest episode :) clicky on it and figure that out. And then a half hour later I wanted to get up and grab a second glass of wine and realized that I couldn’t pause it, and oh shoot, I didn’t want to wait another week till the interface got fixed or miss the ending. (It’s a black screen for me with a “waiting for video” message with nothing to click on. Firefox, BTW) Urgh.

      But I love the podcast; it’s a great group of people, with really different insights and good chemistry. And my frustration at HAVING IT NOW is only an indication of how much I like it.

      Thanks for the complements too! I’ve really found “this blogging experiment” to be rewarding. The community has been really welcoming, and I’ve had a lot of fun and learned a lot refining my thoughts for publication. Hope to see you around again soon and I’m glad people are enjoying my posts.

      ~ Me

  3. Now that I’ve gotten a bit more experience healing on my shaman, I do enjoy it quite a bit. However, I did want to comment that of all of my healers, the shaman is the only one that I constantly felt mana-starved with as I was leveling and gearing. I think that of the four healing classes, shaman have the weakest mana regeneration abilities by far.

    I know that leveling, and right after I hit 80, I was *really* frustrated with this. Having come from a druid with my 3 minute innervate and my paladin and her seemingly infinate mana, to find myself constantly oom was a struggle. It takes some getting used to, and even now I find I have to watch my mana more closely when playing Mynn than anyone else! It could just be me too, who knows!

    Once you can get past the mana constraints, and learn to work with them, I do think that the shaman is a lot of fun. I think you’ll continue to enjoy her as she gets levels.

    As for Elemental, I too had a very hard time when I was trying to level finding resources for it. Ultimately, like you, I gave up and I ended up just copying Gurgthock’s elemental spec. But I do believe that The Mental Shaman, who I just recently discovered, has a really good section on gearing, glyphs, specs etc. (http://mentalshaman.com/topics/elemental-guides/). Also, you might check out the new TotemSpot forums. I haven’t really had time to explore those yet, so I don’t know what’s on there :)

    • I definitely noticed that mana was tight early on, but at this level I still have plenty of mana and cooldowns to “waste” on damage doing. I usually only need to drink once or twice in a run, which is fine with me. Compared to leveling my druid (infinite mana for the win), I can see how that would seem a lot harder. Shamans feel very efficient to me – I feel like I can effectively keep people alive even when I’m running low.

      I like Pewter as well. I’ve been keeping my eye out at TotemSpot…though last I checked it was still getting itself going.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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