I Can Haz Totems: The Twenties

I finally hit the milestone of 20 (…actually I’m up to level 25 now.)  There were several very exciting things lying in wait for me!  First off, I took a trip to Sen’jin Villiage to pick up a Violet Raptor to call my very own.  In spite of my cynicism about raptor mounts, I’m quite fond of Sophie.  And I love the way my water shield bounces when I ride.  Of course level 20 is also the time for a second heal in my arsenal – and gosh it’s nice to have Lesser Healing Wave.  Just having an option for a second more efficient heal has done wonders for my mana.  I’m not really convinced I’m getting much out of Water Shield yet, even though I have it talented – my crit just isn’t there yet.

Level 20 is also the time for the great march of the water totem questline.  I was braced for it, but it was still stunningly obnoxious.  I hear that they’ve shortened it even.  The actual tasks I was faced with were terribly easy…it’s just that running back and forth to the far reaches of two continents over and over and over isn’t fun.  Nor does the fact that everywhere you go is populated by Big Mean Mobs several levels above you help.  Now I really like the idea of class specific quests; I think they can add a lot of class flavor and be designed to help new players understand their class.  When you’re learning something uber cool and game changing, it’s pretty epic to have to complete a quest to get it.  I was sad when I leveled my druid that they just give you shapeshifting forms and the quests were archaic and unnecessary.  I have to say though, the Shaman quests just feel annoying.  The hardest part of them is generally searching the map backwards and forwards for the all too secret path to get to the area.  Yay for Healing Stream Totem though.

Levels still seem to come before I expect them, and I’m not having troubles soloing quests or healing instances.  Solo questing has started to feel a bit clunky, but I imagine that’s simply because I’m gaining levels out of proportion to the quest progression.  I also really wish there was a first tier talent to reduce pushback while casting offensive spells, because the pushback is driving me nuts.  Dungeon groups have gotten less consistently frustrating, though I still find myself walking out on them a decent portion of the time.  (Yes Mr. Bear, when I kindly ask you to make some attempt at keeping mobs off me, and you refuse,  laughing and telling me to chill since it’s only Stockades I really am going to stop healing you.) I continue to hope that dungeon groups will get better as the dungeons themselves start demanding teamwork.

Finally, is nothing itemized well for Shaman?  I keep trying to avoid rolling on cloth, and only vaguely passable gear…and I realized tonight I still had several grey items.  At 25.  Le sigh.


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on July 1, 2010.

One Response to “I Can Haz Totems: The Twenties”

  1. I’m leveling a shaman as well. I think I’m at level 52? or 51? Well I’m taking the resto route and I’ve gotta say that quests suck. Hard. I can’t kill things quickly enough because I’m resto but when I’m in an instance, healing is faceroll. I can’t wait to get Riptide.

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