I Can Haz Totems: The Teenage Years

I’d truly intended to put a little more time into my Shaman by now…but a certain baby Paladin has been a bit distracting.  But there is nothing more motivating than knowing I can get an additional 10% xp from killing monsters – this week only.

I have to say I’m enjoying soloing much more than I thought I would.  My patience for dps classes has been about nil for the last six months or so, so this comes as a very pleasant surprise.  It has a bit of a different flair than I’m used to.  Lightning Bolt spam gets broken up by periodic Earth Shocks or Flame Shocks. The combination of a Searing Totem and Fire Nova has some potent AoE, while the Earthbind and Stoneclaw Totems are great at keeping things the heck away from me.   The variety of totems I can place depending on the situation is a completely new mechanic to me.  Finally, self healing makes leveling as a caster so much easier.

Maybe it’s just a touch of nostalgia for an old Azeroth that will be gone before I can see it again.  (Wait…did I even like the Barrens the first time…)  I’ve been particularly enjoying the Burning Blade questlines this time around.  But since I’m enjoying shooting raptors with Lightning Bolts and questing, so at least until 40, I imagine I’ll divide my time between healing and terrorizing the local bestiary.  I think I nice chunk of that new found enjoyment is attributable to WoW Pro – a very clean and simple addon that directs me with arrows and helpful hints towards the most efficient quest path, while handily presenting me with an easy access button to any quest items I might need.  A nice side benefit to solo play is being able to keep up with my mining and engineering skills while I’m frolicking around the countryside collecting random animal parts.

Of course, when I dinged 15, I had to queue for an instance to test out my new healing toolbox.  Errr….well….so “toolbox” seems like a fairly inaccurate way of describing my singular healing spell – Healing Wave.  While it’s a touch slow, it does heal for a moderate amount, and that’s plenty fine for RFC.  I have totems too!  Yay, more buttons!  Unfortunately none of them help with healing or my very sad mana bar quite yet.  I’m just not going to be excited to heal until at least level 20, when I get Lesser Healing Wave, Water Shield, and Healing Stream Totem.  (Not to mention a mount!  Wait…I don’t really like raptors…and I don’t see my kick ass male troll sitting on a sparkly pony.  Hmm.)  With a few different skills to bring to the table, I might actually start to feel like a real healer.

It was, however, an auspicious introduction to the wonderful world of five mans.  I could tell things would go well when everyone got their buffs out just after zoning in, and I stood there slightly confounded that I had nothing for them.  I was matched with three well-behaved dps – who were hanging out and joking with each other the whole time – along with a very thoughtful Bear.  Sure he kept aggro and set a nice brisk pace…but he really shined in the details.  He watched my mana bar, and patiently waited the couple times I got low.  And he absolutely made my day when I saw him cast a Regrowth macroed to Bear Form before charging into a big pull.  Oh, I probably could have handled it…but it seemed like such a thoughtful way to add in a “tanking cooldown” and be kind to his healer.

All in all, I’m quite pleased.

There are still a few things I need to work on.  I do have my glyphs ready when I hit twenty and have the spells I want them to enhance.  I think that I have Totem Timers and…errr…some other totem manager that is packaged with an addon I can’t identify.  I don’t really use either of them, nor can I figure out how to move them out of the center of my screen.  I’ve just been clicking on my action bars, which must be the least efficient way to handle them.  So, that’s something I need to research how to fix.  Also…I need to get it stuck in my head which totems don’t stack with other buffs at this level so I can coordinate/switch them out.  I need to rearrange my UI for doing damage/healing five mans.  Everything useful is shoved into the right corner at the moment, and it’s a bit inconvenient.  This will work well in conjunction with my project to try out shadow priesting, as well as posting about UI design.  Finally, I have got to sit down and start on his Power Aura settings.  For the life of me, I cannot remember to keep my Lightning Shield up, and this desperately needs a big glowing blue…something or other.


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on June 25, 2010.

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