There were lots of great post this week…enjoy!

My Antlered Skull, It Drools on My KeyboardLicking Floor – Thoughts on the differences between Priest and Shaman healing styles.

Ding Dong, The King is DeadLife in Group 5 – A terribly amusing, and nominally helpful flowchart guide to killing the Lich King.

Suzushiiro’s Take on When to Disc or HolyTales of a Priest – Suzushiiro of Big Crits talks about choosing when to play Holy or Disc.

Enter the Circle of Healing PodcastWorld of Matticus – What could be more nifty than a podcast just for us healing priests?  It features Matt Low (Disc/Holy of World of Matticus), Dawn Moore (Discipline of Spiritual Guidance), and Kinaesthesia (Holy of Vodka).  I thought this was well executed, interesting, concise, and well paced.

Short and Sweet – Healing Pet PeevesHealing Through Stupid – Slightly snarky pet peeves for PuGs.

Timing a 45 second 50% SnareLeaf-Head – A breakdown on how the proposed tree cooldown would be used in ICC considering the snare effect.

You are Not a Tank Healing SpecMalevika at Type “H” for Heals – Thoughts on classifying healers and giving assignments.

Healing Heroic Professor PutricideMalevika at Type “H” for Heals – An excellent post about healing our least favorite Professor on 25 man Heroic mode.  Bonus: includes numbers and fancy charts.


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on June 22, 2010.

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