There has been an immense amount of posting this week about the official talent tree previews and Blizzard’s press announcements, and more still to come.  I’ll be linking to all of those in a week or so when I get my thoughts together.  In the meantime – other healing posts of interest:

Leveling a Resto Shaman: 40-69Wugan at Flow – He writes a good series on leveling, but he also is a great end game resource for healing as a Shaman.

A Healing State of MindVixsin at Life in Group 5 – Five basic principles to think as great healers do.

Into the Shadows: The Curtain Goes UpNatarumah at Twisted Faith – The second installment of a fairly detailed and approachable introduction to playing a shadow priest.

Grid: Tracking Your Own and Others’ Buffs/HealsZulmaru at Murloc Parliament – A very long guide illustrating two ways to track buffs and HoTs in Grid.  (Does not include instructions for Power Word:Shield/Weakened Soul.  Edit: Zulmaru posted a follow up guide just for us.)

Who Judges What?Kurn’s Corner – Coordinating Paladin judgments.


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on June 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “Links”

  1. Thanks for the link! You are totally right that GridStatusHots does not support PW:S (cry).

    However, you *should* be able to use Option 2 (GridStatusAurasExt) for PW:S using the instructions for Earth Shield. You can create 2 custom auras in GridStatusAurasExt (for others’ PW:S and your PW:S), and then display them in the same corner or different corners, according to your personal preference.

    As for Weakened Soul, I generally don’t worry about “whose” WS is on the target because it only matters that it is THERE and I can’t re-shield, not necessarily who APPLIED it. I’m pretty sure you’d be able to use GridStatusAurasExt for that as well, using the same principles (creating a status for others’ WS and another status for your WS).

    Funny you mention PW:S & WS because that’s the topic of tomorrow’s lesson: using numerical countdowns for those two.

    Happy Grid-ing.

    • There are a number of ways of handling it… I actually use GridStatusPWShield and GridStatusWeakenedSoul to fill in the gap GridStatusHots left me (showing both mine and others’ together). I love the color-coded numerical countdown; it’s critical for fights where I’m coordinating blanketing the raid with bubbles along side another disc priest.

      • That is close to how I do it too using numerical countdowns. Since GridStatusPWShield had a Weakened Soul component built in, I ended up uninstalling GridStatusWeakenedSoul. Article incoming tomorrow!

  2. I’ve played with grid before, and I really should make a point of giving it another shot. Thanks for connecting me to some of these links!

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