What Needs to Die in a Fire in Cataclysm?

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I’m sure everyone has found things about the game that they find annoying, or they are sure Blizzard could make better.  Here are a few things that just popped into my head:

  • Hike all over the known universe for a couple hundred xp style quests.
  • The need to talk to four different emblem vendors to get epic gems.  Kudos to Blizzard for realizing that we only need two levels of emblems/rewards/points/whatever for an expansion.
  • The lack of an auction house in Dalaran.

But I wanted to talk today about the some of the things that I find frustrating about playing my beloved disc priest.

  • Of all the healing classes, discipline priests are the only spec that doesn’t play well with one of their own kind.  Two paladins, trees, shamans, holy priests – anyone else – can blissfully heal away in a 25 man with another of their class present, even on the same assignment…but it’s is often utterly obnoxious to heal with another disc priest in the raid (unless we are talking about bubble spam a la Lich King).  Why?  A couple of our best tools don’t stack.  Power Word: Shield can only be cast once on a target every fifteen seconds.  Prayer of Mending is another major spell in our arsenal.  While this one is less limiting because it can only be cast on one target at a time…it also doesn’t stack with another priest’s Prayer of Mending.  So if another priest overwrites mine just after I cast it, mine disappears, he gets the heal, and I wait ten seconds before I can recast it.  (Admittedly this one is true of holy priests as well, and is more of an annoyance than an real issue with good healers.)
  • There are like three whole points in the spec that aren’t basically mandatory for raiding.  And I can’t figure out what to do with them really.  My options are of the “I guess that’d be okay”  “might be situationally useful” and “why would I want that?” variety.  Blizzard, give us a little something in our tree that might actually require a decision, or cause some spec variation among us disc priests even if it is just silly and fun.  Now that Blizzard has released the tentative priest talent tree – I think Blizzard needs to hear this more than ever.  Sigh. I’ll talk more about this later but I’m not so pleased with a number of the changes.
  • Add absorbs to the combat log.  Really.  Discipline is at a huge disadvantage on healing meters because two of the best abilities we have don’t show up at all – Power Word: Shield and Divine Aegis.  This causes a lot us to be under-appreciated by the uninformed.
  • Scale Power Word: Shield with something in addition to spell power.  I know in Cataclysm bubble spam is not going to be common, but it’s distressing to gear for a fight like Lich King where no matter what I do, half the stats on my gear are totally useless.  While you’re at it, please provide a broader range of gearing options, put well itemized stats for both disc and holy on our tier gear, and give us a tier bonus that is both fun to use and kicks ass.
  • Allow Grace to stack on at least two targets.  With almost all 25 man encounters (and many 10 mans for that matter) requiring two or even three tanks, it is beyond annoying that one of our best talents for tank healing doesn’t help us as much at all.  I understand health pools will be larger in Cataclysm and there will actually be damage to catch up from on players instead of constantly topping people up to full…but still.

~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on June 14, 2010.

17 Responses to “What Needs to Die in a Fire in Cataclysm?”

  1. Agreed about the talent changes. Graylo talked about this (well, he was talking about boomkin, but it applies), saying that what Blizzard calls optional really falls into two categories: “useless” or “situational,” and neither of those is really an option.

    As for the DIAF items…

    “The need to talk to four different emblem vendors to get epic gems.”

    This was at least halved in a fire a couple expansions back – Usuri Brightcoin in the sewer inn carries all the emblems from Triumph on down. You can do all your exchanging in one joint, then go get gems.

    “The lack of an auction house in Dalaran.”

    In before an engineer says ‘level engineering.’

    • I read Gralyo’s post as well, and I’m sure that was why I used those specific terms.

      I had no idea that it was easier to exchange emblems in the sewers! I’ll have to give that a try; thanks for the tip.

      Also, I’m working on leveling my resto shaman with engineering before Cataclysm, and I imagine I’ll just have him handle all of my auction needs.

    • **”The lack of an auction house in Dalaran.”
      In before an engineer says ‘level engineering.’**

      Well, I was gonna say: It’s not Blizzard’s fault you didn’t pick engineering…

      They did it so people would have a reason to go to the Old World capitals…
      Otherwise everyone would just stya in Dal all the time…

  2. Halved in a fire? I have no explanation for that sentence.

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  4. About the absorbs combat log: there is an addon for recount called guess absorbed (or something like that) that you can use to keep track of how much your bubbles absorb.

    This looks like a new site. I have a disc priest also. I happen to be the only disc priest in my guild. I hope to see more content regarding theorycrafting, boss fights, and general disc healing advice on your site. Keep up the good work!

    • I am aware of the addon for Recount, and Skada includes absorbs as well. The problem with these is that they are guesses, sometimes more accurate than others. The other problem with these is that no one uses them *except* for disc priests…and I don’t want to be That Guy who needs to spam chat with recount after every fight. So it still appears to the uninformed like I’m sitting around twiddling my thumbs in a raid.

      To be honest, I stopped using meters at all during raids. I want my attention on the fight. Every night after we’re done I take a look at World of Logs and make notes on what I could improve or try differently for the next week (or next attempts at progression).

      Thank you for your compliments as well.

      • I agree here, the major issue is that the combat log does not adequately reflect absorbs so no meters or parse can do a perfectly accurate job. They ARE just guesses and we probably won’t see a change to this until Cataclysm. Even then, who knows?

        My preferred “meter” is really the World of Logs parser. It’s really fairly accurate and I know it boosts the egos of good disc priests. ;D And that’s exactly what I do too, btw. I don’t look at anything during the fights and usually not even during the raids, even if I’m usually running a real-time parse at WoL. Unless there’s a problem, then I try to troubleshoot. :)

  5. All true, and I don’t really know what to add to this list as a Disc myself.
    I just hope _some_ of this concerns might resolve in cataclysm, if not all =/

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  7. nice post, tho resto shamans have a similar problem with only 1 earth shield per target and only one per shaman. and i only get 20% extra healing if its my earth shield

  8. I hear you on the gripes of disc priests, even though I don’t play one myself. Especially about absorbs on the log.

    Minor note: There is an AH in Dal, but only engineers can access it.

  9. So let me first say that that addon you are referring, I am going to go download it right now. I am a raid leader in my guild and I often wonder why my disc priest isn’t always pulling as much on big fights. I never new that those two didn’t show up on there. And to think I was just about to try and replace him with another healer.

    And secondly, I often wonder why all my friends are in org. Then I remember that none of them are engineers :P so they have to go there just to use the action house. So I see why blizzard leaves it that way. Someone was absolutely right in say that everyone would just hand out in Dalaran I don’t often go to the old cities anymore because I have no need to! :D

    Again thank you for the insight on the meters. <3

    • On a recent raid night those two spells made up 50% of my healing – and that’s damage you never see. Power Word:Shield is surprisingly powerful – it can easily “heal” for about 15K with good gear, the glyph, and the ICC buff. We also have Renewed Hope, which constantly reduces damage to the entire raid by 3%.

      I do recommend trying Skada out; I think it’ll give you a new perspective on your priest. However, keep in mind it’s an approximation of absorbs. It’s very difficult to evaluate a discipline priest without looking at a full parse of the fights with WoL. Another cool thing about Skada – you can keep a window open for damage and healing (and anything you want) all at once.

      Note to self: write a post for raid leaders and/or healing leads about discipline.

  10. I think the reason there’s no AH in Dalaran ( excluding the special engie one) is the same reason there wasn’t one in Shathrah: Blizz wan’ts to keep the original cities relevant. If they put every creature comfort into the expansion cities.. then no one will EVER return to Old World cities once they don’t have to. So they keep essentials there like skill trainers and the AH.

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