Conquering the Pre-expansion Slump

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To be honest, I’m not feeling much of a slump personally. We still have a few hard modes left on 25 man, and one more piece to the meta achievement.  I’m feeling perfectly motivated to keep our progression going.  (I’m not sure I’l be able to say that working on Lich King hard mode, but we’ll have to see.)  I have noticed though that more of our raiders’ schedules have gotten a bit more busy lately, often with not so much notice.  We haven’t had a full group on to put more time into Putricide the last two lockouts, and that’s a bit disappointing to me.  Our raid leader has made good decisions about our time in those cases – things like pulling in some social members for our farm content, getting metas out of the way, knocking out the weekly, working on old achievements and hard modes that are on our pre-Cataclysm wish list, and letting us out an hour or two early.  Facerolling some old school raids that some members had farmed back in the day and some were seeing for the first time was particularly fun.  I think it’s helped a lot to keep morale up.  Meanwhile, we’re recruiting to fill in the holes.

I am having a bit of trouble motivating myself to do the things I should to get ready for Cataclysm.  I’m going to need to focus to level up my shaman in time.  I should clear out my bags, put some time into crafting and auctions to make money, and get some mats on hand to level my professions.  But leveling and farming just sound so…boring.  Instead I just want all of that to magically happen on its own.  I wish I had a friend around late at night to keep me company for the grind.  I know that would help.  I’m not sure what I can do to jump start my progress…any suggestions?


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on June 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Conquering the Pre-expansion Slump”

  1. I know the feeling, I’m really struggling to motivate myself too so I’m basically bribing myself. For example every 1000 winterspring frost saber rep I force myself to grind, I get a “treat”. Treats range from buying a new book to read to spending an hour catching up on all the blogs I subscribe to. I deal with all the sucky household jobs in the same way.

    I also find that music/tv helps. For example I farmed exalted with those talbuk people in Nagrand whilst watching season 1 of 24 again. Anything to provide a bit of distraction from the repetition.

    Also tackle it bit by bit. Figure out what the most important item is and deal with that first. Although personally, I’m great at making lists and pretty lousy at following them through. I think I’m hoping if I say it often enough, I’ll manage to follow through myself.

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