My Favorites

This week’s shared topic is brought to you by Ardol at Wow Philosophized. He suggested we write about our favorite things, whatever they might be.  I thought it might be a good way to introduce myself to the blogosphere further.  Here are a few of my favorite things in WoW:


The second I saw this post my first thought was: “OMG…I have got to talk about my favorite quest.”  I am completely convinced this is the best quest in the entire game.  Help Those Who Cannot Help Themselves in Borean Tundra.  I would do this quest over and over and over if I could.  (Note to Blizzard developers: if you make this quest a daily for me I will fly to California and…err…shower you with female affection.) In fact, my adoration of this quest is so great that friends save it for me when leveling alts so I can come frolic with them as they free the cute little elephant calves.  As should be obvious by now, I have a soft spot for small elephants.  Come on, they raise their little trunks and trumpet their approval when you free them.  Who wouldn’t love that?

Vanity Pet

If  you’ve read the above, it is no surprise at all that Peanut (the elephant calf from Children’s week) is one of my favorite companion pets in the game.  I’m also quite fond of Mr. Wiggles (the piglet from Children’s Week), the Smolderweb Hatching, and the Red Proto-Drake (from the Oracle eggs).


My favorite mount (on my priest at least) is the Twilight Drake.  This is – by far – the prettiest drake I’ve seen.  I got it by accident a bit ago doing the weekly, and was stunned at the depth of colors used and how pretty it looks flying.  I must also speak the praises of the Black Drake – the mount that I’ve worked the hardest to get.


Prayer of Mending.  What’s not to love?  It’s a smart spell that lies in wait until damage happens, and then bounces around the raid all on it’s own healing the next person with the lowest health for a fairly decent amount.  This is a brilliant spell, and in most fights does a substantial portion of my healing.  I still find it hard to believe that an instant spell with a ten second cooldown that I barely even have to think about does so much in a raid.  I die a little inside when I see logs from other priests who aren’t using this on cooldown.

Bosses in Each Wrath Raid

Nax’s Thaddius – Yes, I know this is a horror with PUGs…but I always loved the mechanics of this fight, from the two mini-bosses, to the shifting around of watching your stacks.  (Kudos to Heigan for being my least favorite boss of all time.)

Ulduar’s Razorscale and Freya – This was the hardest to decide; I really enjoyed Ulduar and there was very little I disliked.  I like almost all of these fights a whole lot.  (The thing I despise?  Ignis’ trash.  Damned fire tornados.)

TOC’s Twin Valks – It’s such a short instance it’s harder to pick.  It’s a fun fight to heal though…it makes be wonder why Blizzard seems to think healers hate damage aura fights.  Maybe I just liked how the damage aura had a point.   (Yucky bit?  Learning faction champs.  If I wanted to PvP I would.)

ICC’s Saurfang – I love how the Marks make healing this encounter difficult, unique, and engaging.  A single mis-spent healing GCD, taunt, or DPS on the beasts can wipe the raid, and while generally I’d find that annoying I thrive on it here.  This fight always gets me ramped up and focused.  I thought that this was one of the fights in ICC better tuned to pose a challenge to everyone in the raid to bring their game.  (Notable mention: Sindragosa.)

Miscellaneous: Sartharion – I love this fight.  I love how changing the difficulty is built into the zone.  I love the flame walls and movement mechanics.  I love the lava.  I love both the drake rewards.  (Malygos can die in a fire.)

And now, for a few topics that have nothing to do with WoW…my top fives:


  • Guy Gavriel Kay
  • Clive Barker
  • Tad Williams
  • George R.R. Martin
  • Robert Jordon


  • Gone With the Wind
  • V for Vendetta
  • Fight Club
  • Usual Suspects
  • The Dark Crystal


  • Chocolate
  • Red wine
  • Sashimi
  • Bacon
  • White truffles

Things to do on a Sunday Morning

  • Take a really really late walk Saturday “night” when it’s just getting light out and the world is still and quiet.
  • Snuggle with cats
  • Have bacon, shredded hashbrowns (crispy) , french toast, and a mimosa in bed.
  • Read a good novel
  • More snuggling with the cats.  (They are quite intent on snuggling.)

~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on June 3, 2010.

7 Responses to “My Favorites”

  1. + 100 Reputation for having The Dark Crystal included in your favourite movies.

    +100 Reputation for mentioning Sashimi and not mistaking it for Sushi

    +100 Reputation for Cats

    Total reputation gained with the faction PVE Rogues on this post: +300

    • OMG. I loves you to death.

      P.S. I would totally follow your blog if I didn’t read rogue talk as “Mrggph Stealth. Frel Vanish sodiocih. Mutilate Furdfewo doihw oidh doih daggers.

      • lol That’s okay :p pverogues is more like a technical blog than a personal one. Its’ desigend to be an information resource more than anything and rogues can get quite complex so don’t worry about it :P I’m more than happy to do the casual chatting thing on other people’s blogs instead :)

        Dark crystal was liek the biggest movie ever when it was launched :P It was fully animated (except a few shots of the little girl or boy running etc from far away) so the whole thing was really innovative and unique in it’s day. In the words of wiki:

        “The animatronics used in the film were considered groundbreaking at the time”

        Even though it was a family film and suitable for kids it was also a very dark film. It got a bit overshadowed however by ET at the cinemas so not as many people remember this one. It’s a shame because it really is a stunning film.

        • I really do try to keep up with a variety of classes even if I don’t play them. I just can’t do melee. The only thing I really know about rogues is they use daggers and often benefit from a shield at critical parts of the fight so they don’t get one shot.

  2. I like that mammoth freeing quest too, and I especially like the next quest where you get a little one to follow you around. So cute! What I don’t like is saving all these cute mammoths and then getting a quest where you need to kill them to get their hides. Evil quest-designers!

    I never understood the appeal of The Dark Crystal (maybe because I didn’t see it until recently so it’s missing the nostalgia factor). I find the Gelflings extremely creepy.

    I completely agree with everything on your consumables and Sunday morning list. WTB post with cat pictures.

    • PVE Rogues has some interesting things to say about Dark Crystal above.

      I have to admit it’s one of those movies that I love because I saw it as a child and it got lodged into my subconscious. Amusingly I insisted on walking out on Snow White in the theater because the stepmother was clearly a Bad Woman….but I thought Dark Crystal was pretty and terribly cute.

      I’ll contemplate a post with cat pictures…or just toss you an email.

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