Learning How to Tank

…otherwise known as Why I Love Looking For More

I keep trying this tanking thing.  I’ve tried on no less than four classes.  But failing to enjoy it.  Clearly, it is not my calling.  But I’m determined, as a healer to broaden my WoW horizons….and I did mange to fall in love with my wee baby Paladin.  Suddenly, everything seemed more comfortable.  Oh Look!  I still have a mana bar!  (Going into a pull with no power scares me.)  Complicated melee rotations are reduced to auto-attack!  (And no, I’m really not that lazy, but learning how to play a melee class for the first time plus learning to tank was a little overwhelming.)  I have a “Save My Squishy Healer Button” rather than target every mob and individually taunt them/run to them while trying not to fail routine.  I read all the relevant websites, and had a long chat with a guild-mate who is a great Prot Pally about talents and rotations and such.  And sure, it’s the bestest that tanking has ever been for me…but it still wasn’t coming together.

I spent weeks searching the interwebz looking for more…insight.  Whenever I asked a respected tanky friend of mine about the skills I really needed to pull it together, it was met with a response like “Well, you just do it.”  I’m talking about things like “How do you figure out how to do different kinds of pulls?” and “How do you manage dps who are running ahead of you pulling mobs?” and “How do you gain rapport with your healer in a PUG and coordinate cooldowns?”.  All I found on blogs were thinks like “Five Tips for a New Tank” or “Min/Maxing Your Level 80 X Class.”  Not so much with the helpful.  Yeah.  I’ve raided and healed.  I understand your two minute synopsis of what a tank should do….I want more than that.

Then I stumbled upon Looking For More; I have no idea how.  Reversion has a series of detailed guides that cover exactly the kinds of skill sets I wasn’t confidant about.  How to decide whether to do multi-pulls or chain pulls.  How to do pulls at all.  How a pull works in a math/theory way with your healer, and how to work with it.  And if “theory” sounds like a bit too much for you, he includes darling hand drawn charts and comics to illustrate each point.  I haven’t found anything else on the blogosphere quite so useful in developing skills that good tanks take for granted.  This stuff seems so basic to most good tanks that they can’t even seem to explain it.

I can haz an Internet crush.


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on June 3, 2010.

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