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Over the last months, as I’ve played around more with theorycraft and leveled more alts, I started following a broad range of blogs about healing, and wow in general, and even classes I don’t currently play.  I’ve appreciated the wealth of knowledge out there as well as the variety of opinions.  I hardly think of myself as an expert, but I thought I might just have something interesting to say.   Hopefully you’ll agree.

My love affair with WoW is centered around my discipline priest and twenty-five man raiding.  At the moment, we’re working through the last couple hard modes in ICC 25.  I think a lot about theorycraft, though I do little of it myself.  I occasionally indulge myself in holiday festivities, and almost never participate in PvP.

In addition to by beloved priest, I have a resto druid and mage at level eighty and enjoy prancing around on a variety of baby alts.  Leveling my shaman and rounding up some old achievements is my pre-Cataclysm focus.

And in real life?  Well, I’m a woman in my mid-twenties, and have no idea what else you’d be interested to know.

If you find  yourself inspired to, please do take the time to comment.  I promise I read them.

Finally, if you have a blog you’d like to recommend about any dimension of WoW, please feel free.  I’m always looking for more reading.  (Hopefully I’ll find the time to update my own favorite links soon to share with you.)


~ by ecclesiasticaldiscipline on May 29, 2010.

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